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Would you like to learn how to run a 5K or improve your running speed? Then join WK Run Fitness class! Sessions will be held at WK Bossier Fitness center every Monday and Thursday evening at 5:30 p.m. and will last for eight weeks. This class will teach you how to safely build running endurance and speed. At the end of the eight week session the group will choose a local 5K to run. Participants will learn how to properly train for running, race nutrition, race day preparation and how to select a running shoe for you.  



The cost for this specialty class is $20.  This fee includes the following:

  • An Exercise Specialists will design a running program for you each week throughout your training and see you through the program.
  • A Nutritionists will teach you how to properly fuel your body for running.
  • Various specialists will meet with you throughout the training process to teach you how to select shoes, prevent injuries and stay on track.
  • Weekly training run with the group.
  • Instruction on race day preparation.

Upcoming WK Run Fitness Classes

No upcoming sessions are currently scheduled for this class. Please check back often.