Fitness Tips

Willis-Knighton offers an array of fitness styles and levels with experienced professionals for each format to help guide you to your goals. These fitness tips are designed to help you stay focused on your workouts and stay current on the latest research in fitness.

Thigh Burner

Here is a great tip for targeting the thigh muscles. Just remember to keep your leg straight and firm throughout the entire movement to get the most benefit.


Stepping Safely into the Pool

The road to a great workout in the water begins with the first step. Learn how to  safely step into the pool. Don’t slip…swim!


TRX: Adusting Intensity
You can adjust the intensity of your exercise by moving away from the anchor point.
TRX: Adjusting the straps
Learn how to adjust the length of the TRX strap.
Fun with Mother-Baby Water Aerobics
Quick tips for how to make class enjoyable for mother and baby!
Keeping Produce Fresh
Learn some simple tricks to keeping produce fresh for an extra ten days or longer.
Make a Protein Packed Recovery Smoothie
Learn how to make a protein packed recovery smoothie.
Make a Green Smoothie
Learn how to make a great green smoothie.
Ask for Help
WK fitness staff is here for you!
Getting the Most From Your Water Workout
Learn basic tips and safety on how to get the most out of your water workout.
Safety on the Step
Learn the basics on how to enjoy a step fitness class with less impact on your joints.
Myth of "Spot" Training
Why "spot" training doesn't work.
Monitoring Your Heart Rate
Learn how to monitor your heart rate.
Overcoming Plateaus
Had a great start, but now you do not seem to be losing any weight?  Learn more about overcoming plateaus.
Getting Started in Groups
Ever ask yourself "How do I get started in a group class?". 
Strengthen Your Core
Learn how to strengthen your core. 
Deep Breathing Exercises
Learn how to burn calories even when you not at the gym. 
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