Why Choose Us - Group Fitness Classes

Whether you are looking for a high intensity workout or a slow stretch class, we offer a positive and motivating group fitness program for any fitness level. Group Fitness is available for all members who want to move with a group and get amazing results. This fun program elevates the energy level throughout the fitness center and will inspire you to reach your fitness goals. Classes are offered throughout the day to meet any schedule with certified instructors who are approachable and ready to talk.

All of our classes, except those marked as Camps and some Specialty Classes, are included in your membership fee.

Below is a listing of our classes:


Join WK FitCamps to see serious results! Each camp has its own unique style to fit your personality and goals. Trainers meet with the group on a regular basis for minimal cost. This is a great way to have a personal trainer without the expense! Camps are open to both members and non-members.

Specialty Classes

WK Fitness & Wellness Centers offer a variety of specialty classes, including swim lessons, children’s programming, and fitness classes during and after pregnancy. The centers complement exercise classes with informative nutritional seminars. Not all are offered every month, so check the schedule for dates and times that work for you.

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